1 T-Shirt, 5 Different Styles!

1 SHIRT, 5 STYLESA statement t-shirt is probably one of the most basic and common items in every wardrobe, and today we’re going to show you exactly how versatile a statement tee can be! We have styled the exact same t-shirt to come up with 5 very different styles.


1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 1: Preppy1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 1: Preppy 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 1: Preppy

Bring back the high school days! This look is great for college days, without looking too casual. As the design on the t-shirt stands out, contrast the pop of colour with muted tones. We suggest a long cardigan to keep you warm in extra cold lecture halls, a skin toned pair of skorts accentuated with a skinny belt, and a matching satchel.

1) Leopard Print Nerd Tee – RM28 NOW RM10
2) Pleated Skorts – RM30
3) Adjustable Patent Leather Belt – RM12
4) Coco with Attitude Bag (from AliceWonders.com) – RM100 NOW RM50


1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 2: Office Chic 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 2: Office Chic 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 2: Office Chic“Office Chic?” you say, “How can a statement t-shirt be suitable for office wear?” Ok, we are stretching the definition of what can be worn to the office, but who says a stand out tee can’t make an elegant look? Just don a sleek updo with a fitted pencil skirt, a pearl necklace, and killer stilettos and no one would be questioning you on why you’re sporting such contrasting pieces in your ensemble. Trust us on this one. Throw in a feminine clutch, and roll up those sleeves for a chic cap sleeve look.

1) Leopard Print Nerd Tee – RM28 NOW RM10
2) High Waist Long Fitted Pencil Skirt – RM28
3) Purple Roses Sling Clutch (from AliceWonders.com; this is the link for pink, purple will be up soon!) – RM60 NOW RM30


1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 3: Retro 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 3: Retro 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 3: RetroAdmit it, we all know these days styles from the past are a huge hit! Bring back the blast of the past by pairing your statement t-shirt with a pair of high waist mum jeans (make sure to tuck it in!), pumps, and oversized sunnies! We’ve layered this outfit with an oversized long sleeve blouse to emulate the Grease lightning era.

1) Leopard Print Nerd Tee – RM28 NOW RM10
2) Denim High Waist Button Jeans – RM45
3) Oversized Long Sleeve Cheesecloth Shirt (COMING SOON!)
4) Queen’s Fortress Tote Bag (from AliceWonders.com) – RM80 NOW RM40


1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 4: Casual 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 4: Casual 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 4: CasualProbably THE MOST common styling of the statement tee, the casual look is probably the easiest to achieve. Great for lounging days at home, or outings with your friends. Casual doesn’t have to be boring, so accessorizing and giving the look different textures is key. Pair with a loud necklace, ankle boots, and distressed denim shorts. Top it off with a side ponytail for an extra boost of youthfulness!

1) Leopard Print Nerd Tee – RM28 NOW RM10
2) Frayed Denim Shorts – RM35
3) City-Chic Hobo (from AliceWonders.com) – RM40 NOW RM20


1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 5: Grunge 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 5: Grunge 1 Shirt, 5 Styles - Style 5: GrungeOn those moody, broody days, how best to style your outfit than with a touch of grunge? We love that it gives off the air of “don’t test me!” and utter chic at the same time. Let your hair loose (and run wild!) A leather skirt and knee high socks are essential in transforming this look to that of “rocker-chick-with-glam”. Roll up those sleeves for an even more “trashy” look (we mean trashy in a good way)!

1) Leopard Print Nerd Tee – RM28 NOW RM10
2) Faux Leather Skater Skirt – RM30 NOW RM15
3) Quilted Patent Classic Black Sling Bag (from AliceWonders.com) – RM60 NOW RM30

And those are the 5 looks we’ve prepared. We’d love to see how your guys pair your statement tee! Tag @hookclothing and hashtag #hookclothingootd on Instagram to show off your styles!

A New Beginning – The Story Behind Hook Clothing

Hook ClothingIt’s been 23 days since we officially rebranded Tanks For 5 as Hook Clothing. It’s almost been a month, and the fact we are a different brand now still hasn’t sunk in. Tanks For 5 has, and always will, hold a special place in my heart.

We started Tanks For 5 in 2009, and at that point in time, the whole purpose we started it was because we wanted to focus entirely on selling everything on the website for RM5. Tank tops were a good choice; they come in a huge variety of designs, and are extremely versatile pieces. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a tank top!

We needed it to be affordable enough for the masses, and something to differentiate ourselves from other online stores out there at that moment. Focusing and specializing on one specific product seemed the way to go, and we needed people to know exactly what we were selling, based on our name alone. Hence, Tanks For 5 was born.

It was been an insane and awesomely wild ride throughout the years. We still have customers today that have been with us since the first few months of Tanks For 5, and we couldn’t thank you guys more for the utmost support! Thank you, each and everyone of you, we appreciate you guys as buyers, and friends as well. It always puts a smile on my face every time I see you guys at the shop, and bazaars.

Almost a year into Tanks For 5, a few of my loyal buyers requested for more. Maybe we could sell them some dresses? And the requests piled on and on. And yes, we thought, we have to give our customers what they want, and it would be a good expansion plan to diversify.

And so we brought more and more other items in to sell to you guys (but obviously we couldn’t price them at RM5!) and soon, other items were selling better than tank tops. We were selling more of other items, to the point that the name Tanks For 5 was kind of redundant.

When it was time for us to switch from a blogger platform to an e-commerce one, the biggest decision we had to make was, do we retain the name Tanks For 5? If, for instance, one day we completely stop selling tank tops at RM5, wouldn’t that name be totally obsolete? We needed a new, and more generic name. One that wouldn’t be tied down to any one product.

And so, Hook Clothing was born.

It has been a long, and difficult transition. It was one year in the making, but we finally made it. It’s a new year, and we’re looking forward to growing this brand, and taking this in the direction we were limited with with Tanks For 5.  There’s always a worry that a totally new name change would be difficult for our current customers to adapt to, but it was something that had to be done. We appreciate all of your support during the period, and would love to thank every single one of you!

I always love listening to customers. I am not where I am today without you guys. If you have any suggestions as to how to improve this site, or if you want to let me know what you want to see more of, my (figurative) door is always open. I reply every single one of the emails I receive (if I don’t, it’s because I didn’t receive it!) so let me know your comments and suggestions by dropping me an email at [email protected].

So here’s to officially putting Tanks For 5 on the shelf, and growing Hook Clothing. May we have many, many more years ahead of serving you guys!

242700_231494240198978_2841278_oI will miss you, Tanks For 5!!!