5 Ways to Wear Skorts


Are skorts making a come back? We definitely think they are!
Skorts come in all designs; from the classic, infamous Zara mini skirt, to asymmetrical cut skorts, and skorts with a myriad of prints. On undeniable fact, they provide both comfort and style, and THAT is why they’re here to stay!

Have a whole wardrobe of skorts, and looking for styling tips? Here are our 5 Ways to Wear Skorts!

1. Casual, Comfy Tees
The skort is basically a sporty / edgy glam piece. When paired with casual, comfortable slouchy tees, it balances out the look, giving it a more wearable, presentable appeal. The part part is, you won’t need to tuck it in. Leave your tee tails hanging to accentuate an oversized top.

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2. Glam, Sleeveless Tops
Straying away from the casual look, adding a more elegant or glamorous sleeveless top provides your outfit an “after work ready” look. We like pairing the classic Zara inspired skort with a crisp, basic blouse and a sleeked back ponytail for a more formal event. Opt for a sexy backless or low back top, paired with stilettos for a perfect cocktail ensemble.

3095575_lb skort-and-flats-look

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3. Midriff Baring Crop Tops!
Perfect for the tropical weather and to show off that gym bod, choose a crop top of a length that you’re comfortable with. Skorts generally come in a navel length height, making it a suitable pairing for the not-so-brave fashionistas, who find it difficult to find a suitable bottom for their gorgeous crop top.

Photo Jul 10, 12 27 22

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4. Layer ‘Em On!
One of our favourite looks out of the 5, layering of outfits has always been a thing with fashion bloggers. It brings more dimensions and textures to any outfit, and is a great chance to mix and match contrasting prints. Typically worn with an oversized outerwear as the third layer, the best part of this look is that it’s functional too. Worry no more in cold lecture halls! Style tip: We especially love this look with kimonos and blazers!

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5. Mix and Match Prints and Basics
Rather than your classic Zara skort, mix up the ensemble and throw in prints to your skorts. If you’re like us, chances are you have a lot of basic tops in your wardrobe. Pairing basics works, but can become boring over time. Renew that outfit and draw attention to your skorts by getting them in bold prints, and wearing them with tops in muted, monochrome colours.



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*Bonus Look* All White!
Did we say 5 looks? We couldn’t resist adding ONE MORE look that we absolutely love! There is something about the crisp, clean look of an entirely white ensemble that catches our eye, and is breathtakingly beautiful! Possibly the easiest look to pull together; just make sure not to spill your food!

f44616639bfadaa043c04b88393b33fa 3110302_final5Get the Look:

Did these styling tips help you? We would love to see how you pair your skorts! Tag @hookclothing and hashtag #hookclothingootd on Instagram, and we could feature your look!

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